Hemingford Abbots Parish Council

The current Parish Council was elected in May 2012 and is due to remain in office until 2016.
The Parish Council meet on the last Wednesday of every month with the exception of August and December unless required. The meeting is held in the village hall from 7:30pm and all members of the parish are welcome to attend.

Erika Brown 465138
Bridget Flanagan 465370
Alun Jones 469818
Pearl Muspratt 467818
Christine Nicol 300185
John Peters (Chairman) 496464
Marcus Whewell 464293
Parish Clerk  
Carole Pollock 464817


Notices & Useful Information


Notice of Election of District Councillors - May 2016

Notice of Election of Parish Councillors - May 2016


Useful Telephone Numbers:

Abandoned cars - 01480 388297

Fly tipping - 01480 388640

Faulty and broken street lights – K&M Lighting Services - 01480 395806
Where possible please quote street light number on plaque on the street light and the location.

Pot holes in roads - 0845 0455212

Illegal signs/graffitti - 0800 7832220

Refuse & recycling helpline - 0800 3896613

St Ives & District Neighbourhood Policing Team - dial 101




13 June 2016HAPC Notice of Public Rights and Publication of unaudited Annual Return 2015-16

13 June 2016List of Councillor Responsibilites 2016

07 August 2015List of Councillor Responsibilities 2015

02 April 2013 - In accordance with the Localism Act Council Members' completed Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (DPI) Forms have been published on the District's Council's website

Checklist for Scam emails - Checklist for Scam emails